Travel Nursing Guide to Moving

This easy guide to moving for travel nursing assigments will make your life a lot less complicated so that you can fully enjoy your newest travel nursing assignment.

Determining What you will need

The first step is to figure out what you will need for the city you will be going to and the things that you will want to bring with you.  Keep in mind that you are only going there for a few months and that it is not a permanent move so bringing the house with you is not recommended.

Start out by getting information about the assignment like weather, proximity to stores and such. 

Using that information, you are now ready to make an inventory of what you want to bring with you.

Use this list to determine the number of boxes you will need as well as the method needed to move your belongings such as:

  1. Can everything fit in a car?
  2. Is it possible to haul everything in  an airplane
  3. Do you need to rent a truck
  4. Do you need to hire a moving company


Renting a Truck or a Moving Company

So you know that the items you are bringing with you is a lot and its time to bring in the big guns.  let’s start by first, make a list of truck rental companies and ask about their services.  From there, here are some key elements you should ask and review:

  • Price
  • Pick up and drop off
  • Insurance
  • Size of vehicle
  • Discounts


Quick Tips

1.  Keep all receipts, especially since a good travel nursing agency will reimburse you for moving expenses.

2.  Good packing material and equipment is worth it as it can make the difference between a broken item and a mint condition item.

3.  Think carefully about what you really need and take in consideration whether its cheaper to bring with you or just replace.

4.  Get friends to help out