Finding a Place to Live

finding a place to liveFinding a place to live for your next travel assignment can be a tedious chore and if chosen improperly, can lead to an unpleasant assignment. 

To avoid this, here are some ways to make finding a new temporary home an easy and succesful task.

Lets start with making a list of your needs and personality

1.  Will you be taking your children with you? If the answer is yes, then you will want to choose a home that is close to a good school.  This means that your next step is to first research schools in the area first.

2.  Do you have special interest that require you to be close to a mountain, beach, park? If yes then you may want to look for areas that cater to your needs.

3.  How important is the length is of the commute to work?  If its not important then no worries but if it is, then you should start looking for a place that is close to work.

4. Where to look for new Home? The internet is a great sourec of information where one can find real estate websites from all over the world like real estate in Costa Rica to real estate in Florida.

Asking yourself questions like that will give you an idea of what to look for and now you are ready for the actual home search.

Ask Ask Ask

Going to a new city for the first time can be a bit stressful sometimes even if you have a great sense of adventure but it can be quite fun as well.  The best way to have fun is to not be afraid to ask questions.