Travel Nursing as a Career

Introduction to Travel Nursing as a Career

Travel nursing has been around since the early 1980′s and since then, it has been the fastest growing job in the nursing industry.  Many hospitals and healthcare facilities today are using travel nurses as a way to save on overall cost because:

  • No need to pay for insurance and benefits
  • Allows them more time to look for a permanent nurses without being short on a shift
  • Allows them to plan shift coverage when nurses goes on leave or vacation


The Demand for Travel Nurses

As the world experiences economics ups and downs and the nursing profession is experiencing temporary nursing shortage throught the country, more and more hospitals are turning towards travel nurses.  The rate of hospital using travel nurses is increasing on a daily basis making travel nursing a secure career.

Nursing is the fastest growing profession in the United States but unfortunately, the projected nursing shortage is estimated to be around 500,000 nurses by the year 2025.  Since nursing schools do not have the resources to take the amount of students needed to fill in the nurses needed, this is an opportunities for nurses to start dictating their own terms for a job position and the best way to start doing this is thru travel nursing.

Why Choose Travel Nursing as a Career

Travel nursing is not for everyone but it certainly is one of the top career options for many nurses as travel nursing offers the following opportunities:

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