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In the first part of History of Nursing, we left off after talking about the evolution of nursing into what it is today.   The second part will deal with the nursing industry today and how it has adapted to the economic needs of the healthcare industry by creating the world of travel nursing.

Some nursing historians consider Florence Nightingale to be the first travel nurse as she traveled to many places to care for the injured.  Others on the other hand disagree, sayiing that she does not truly fit as the first travel nurse according to the modern definition of a travel nurse since it involved traveling for the military hospitals. 

They are several different stories as to how modern travel nursing began from its start in Florida where retired couples would move there for a few months to its beginning in New Orleans during Mardi Gras.

Either way, all experts agree that travel nursing as it is today began its humble beginning in the 1970s where nurses were hired to alleviate short term nurse shortages.

As the nursing crisis of the 1980s and 1990s came in and out, many nurses and healthcare entrepreneurs saw this as an opportunity to create a new type of nurse.  Thus began the booming era of the travel nursing agencies.

Today, there are well over 340 travel nursing agencies in the United States alone where each competing to recruit the best nurses of all professions to fill many positions across the United States.  Just to give you an example, if you go to any nurse directory and look up their trave nursing section, you will see a large number of companies advertising their servics.

The competition is fierce as despite the many available travel nursing companies, there is still a nursing shortage.

For these reason, travel nursing companies are offering bigger and better packages as well as resorting to different types of marketing campaigns to recruit and raise awareness of the travel nursing shortage.

For example, one company even went as far as to create a travel nursing reality show  and many other companies are every day looking for different ways to recruit new nurses.

As the nursing shortage continues to grow and government all over the world are looking for new solutions to overcome this crisis, the travel nursing industry seems to hold a bright future for itself.

Pamela Sanchez

Pamela Sanchez is a registered nurse with over 10 years of experience.  Pamela has been a travel nurse for 4 of these years and has written many articles about the travel nursing industry.

Pamela is a mother of 2 and currently resides in Atlanta, GA where she enjoys biking, golf, reading and of course nursing. 

You may contact Pamela at: pamela.sanchez83@gmail.com

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