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Travel nursing is an exciting career choice for nurses who are looking for:

  • Freedom
  • Lucritive Pay
  • Traveling Opportuninities
  • Career Opportunities

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    Travel Nursing as a Career

    Travel nursing is an exciting and rewarding job that is quickly becomine the one of the best alternative to permanent nursing and per diem nursing due to its higher salaries and lifestyle freedoms

    Being a travel nurse lets you travel the world in style while enjoying financial and career security as you get paid to go from place to place doing what you love best.

    On top of that, you not only get to choose where to take an assignment and when to take an assignment but you also get to enjoy free housing, free health insurance and benefits. Travel Nursing is open to all registered nurses of all profession and specialties meaning there is an opportunity for you today!

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Nursing Articles

Travel Nursing Today prides itself on bringing you the latest nurse related articles about the nursing world. We bring you tips, information and how-to-guide on being a travel nurse.

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    • Travel Nursing Jobs

      Finding a job as a travel nurse is easier then you think. Nurses are in large demand due to the nursing shortage.

      Hospitals, healthcare facilities are constantly looking for nurses and to make it even easier, they are many top notch travel nursing agencies in the United States that are constantly competing with one another to hire your services.

      Visit our travel nursing job forum where all posts about job offers are closely moderated to insure that you will find a quality nursing job or travel nursing agency.

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    Nurse and Travel Articles

    Travel Nursing Tips – Got Pets

    Several of us travel nurses have pets that we love and cherish and just cannot do without.  When we take on a travel nursing assignment, it can be a hassle to bring your pet with you.  I myself have a mangy cat that scratches me at least once a month and does nothing but lay [...]

    Nursing News

    Doctors Opposed to Letting Nurse Sedate Patients in New Jersey

    New Jersey officials are considering allowing specialized nurses to sedate patients without any supervision from a doctor according to the Wall Street Journal. The health officials are considering this pish due to the decline in available physicians.  This has in turned angered many physicians in the state as they believe that it could place the [...]